I am looking to purchase or otherwise acquire the following items. Usually, I prefer to wait for a reasonable deal, or a machine that needs some work, rather than pay “collector’s prices.” Please contact me on Twitter if you have one of these items and wish to offer it.


  • Al-Warka PC-6001 or PC-6002
  • Exidy Sorcerer
  • Jupiter Ace
  • NEC PC-98HA
  • Samsung SPC-1000
  • Sega/Yeno SC-3000H
  • SIIG MiniSys S286
  • Sony SMC-777C
  • Spectravideo SVI-318/SVI-328/SVI-728
  • SWTPC 6800/6809

Components/Repair Parts

  • Atari/Fujitsu 137536-001 “LB” IC
  • Sega 315-5296 I/O IC

Computer Peripherals

  • NEC PC-8241A CRT Adapter
  • Radius Rocket card for Macintosh II
  • Sega FM sound unit for Sega Mark III
  • Sega SF-7000 disk drive unit for Sega SC-3000
  • Sony BKM-129X RGB option card for PVM
  • Spectravideo SV-603 game adapter
  • Texas Instruments TI-99 Peripheral Expansion Box (“PEB”)
  • TrackStar card and software for Tandy 1000


  • “Door Door” for the NEC PC-6001
  • Konami cartridges for the NEC PC-6001
  • Sega SC-3000 Basic Level IIIB

Video Game Consoles

  • Bally Astrocade
  • Creativision/Dick Smith Wizzard
  • LJN Video Art
  • Telegames Personal Arcade