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A Supergun for All Seasons

Playing arcade games at home. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Maybe get a little Columns action on the desk you usually use to do taxes? Perhaps you can even make a little test bench, get a bit of board fixing going? Yeah, that’d be really cool. Too bad nothing like that exists, and especially not well-tested and open-source. Wait, it does? And it is? Well, then, we’re just gonna have to build one.

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Go Back to GBS

There are a lot of people buying fancy upscalers these days. And who can blame them? Old videogames are great, but new monitors are lazy and inept. What, the signal is too slow for you? Clearly all these great old arcade boards, computers, and game consoles are just not a big enough challenge for the input logic in modern LCDs, who prefer to spend their considerable brainpower decoding much higher-frequency syncs. To solve this problem, I’ll spend not very much money.

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Neo-Geo MVS battery removal

I’ve had a Neo-Geo MVS cabinet in my house for about three years now. Ever since I’ve had it, it has complained of lost calendar data and generally acted up. For this entire time, I’ve ignored the fact that I have basically a ticking time bomb of battery acid in my machine.

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