I just got my A2500’s badly corroded CPU socket replaced with the help of my buddy and his employer’s substantial rework gear.


old CPU socket removed and broken in two

Get in:

new CPU socket installed

Jack Tramiel is going to be pissed: these contacts are gold. So ostentatious.

Camera can no longer focus due to the sheer power of the 68000 P8:

CPU installed

The only monitor we had to test with was the (black & white, thanks Commodore for cheaping out on this one vs. my A1200 which is in GLORIOUS COLOUR) composite, but as you can see, it works on just the 68K:

amiga boot screen, in black and white

Now I guess I gotta put this thing back together again and play with it until I get bored and decide to build a ROM-switcher so I can run 3.1…